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Thu, 5 Jan ’12

Edwardian Glory

Grab a top hat, put on a bustle and dance the night away.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to wear spats, your search ends here. Canes, contraptions and all manner of brass have a place, too. In fact, almost anything goes at this evening of revelry which resembles a lovechild of Burning Man and a Victorian dance.

Paradox Media is bringing the delightful and wacky back to The Music Box in Hollywood for the 3rd annual Edwardian Ball. What used to be a small, underground club night in San Francisco has evolved into a full-blown event celebrating art, technology, fashion, circus and the creations of Edward Gorey. Yes, that Edward Gorey. The macabre is not only welcome, it’s encouraged. Don’t worry, no small children will be devoured by snakes here. The dazzling performances and haunting music will make your head spin. Then again, maybe that’s just the too tightly laced corset.

Though the event isn’t tagged as steampunk, you’re bound to see cogs and gears. It’s hard to avoid either these days, and they go hand in hand with Victorian attire. Whether you wear goggles or not, be sure to bring your costuming game. People don’t attend just for the absinthe or acrobatics, they dress to impress. Think Labyrinth of Jareth but without the faery wings. Wardrobe procrastinators could clothe themselves with items purchased at the on-site vendor’s market, but it’s best to plan ahead. You have until February 4th to find appropriate attire.