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Tue, 2 Jul ’13

3 Comedy Manga To Brighten Your Summer

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Just kidding – you’ll laugh.

Sgt Frog – The age old story of a boy meeting an evil alien frog, Sgt Frog is an internationally loved manga with a twisted sense of comedy and penchant for pop culture references that seems to translate into any language. The story finds the Hinata family trying to co-habitate with a legion of space-frogs bent on world domination. Written by Mine Yoshizaki, Sgt Frog also went on to be adapted into one of the funnier anime series in recent history. Not bad for a tiny amphibian who loves building Gundam more than enslaving the planet. Kero, Kero!

Crayon Shin-Chan – The bad boy of the manga world, Shin-Chan and his crew of minuscule miscreants have been delighting and shocking audiences since his debut in 1990. Another book full of pop culture gags and wordplay that shouldn’t work for a Western audience (luckily for us, it does), Crayon Shin-Chan has also been given the anime treatment in over 20 languages! Those are some foulmouthed translators…

Great Teacher Onizuka – The most “adult” offering on our list, Great Teacher Onizuka is comedy for a more mature mindset despite its often immature characters. The story follows Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old substitute teacher with only one thing on his mind (and it sure isn’t teaching). While not appropriate for younger manga readers, GTO has long been one of the funnier books (and animes) on the market. We’d definitely attend his summer school.

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