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Thu, 12 Jul ’12

A Course in Awesomeness

We thank all those who made it a really great run.

That was fun, wasn’t it? The first Course of the Force is now one for the history books, and as our Sail Barge parks itself outside The Legend in San Diego for Comic-Con International, we’d like to thank all those great sponsors who made it a reality, and helped so many kids, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Lucasfilm and Hasbro, of course, have sustained our love of Star Wars all these years, and we lived the Nerdist dream in working with them. Octagon global events, we couldn’t have planned this without you.

eBay is continuing to support Course of the Force and Make-A-Wish; be sure to check in on the amazing collectibles they have to offer for this great cause. Shoebacca can help Wookiees and other species get in training for next year with fly footwear. If you just want to come to watch, thank Hyundai and gogo inflight internet for making transportation more fun. We love the games Rovio and Big Buck Hunter play with us; they can flip us their birds or ride shotgun any time. State Farm Insurance can help you get to a better state, and we can’t decide whether Otter Pops or Farmer John hot dogs are our favorite cylindrical foods because we adore both so much.

We also want to thank Gold Label T-shirts and Gifts, 100.3 FM The Sound, Universal’s Ted, The Dan Band, and last but not least…YOU, the fans who came out to run with lightsabers, contributing to a good cause while having a great time. Hopefully we’ll see everyone next year, but for now come visit us at San Diego Comic-Con International as we keep living the dream.