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Wed, 15 Dec ’10

A Nerdy Noel – GCD’s Geeky Gift Guide

Let’s face it – we geeks are tough to shop for. No longer.

Those who don’t share our interests can’t tell a Sideshow Collectible from a slideshow projector. Our Geeky Gift Guide will help non-nerds gobsmack geeks with good gifts …or maybe give you ideas for stuff to buy yourself!

$0-$20: Lovecraftian Playing Cards – When the dark overlords finally destroy our pitiful realm, they will care not for graven images of human monarchs in their games of Go Fish. Hail Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep!

$25-$50: Chronos – Criterion Collection – Guillermo Del Toro has attached himself to fifteen new movies we can’t wait to see. Check out the art-house vampire flick that started it all. Includes an early short film and new commentaries.

$30-$150: Personalized Action Figures – The folks at That’s My Face will make a replica of your head that fits onto many standard action figures. Once you’ve got yours, you can kick the crap out of Vader and/or Skeletor…at the correct scale!

$100-150: Kamp Rite’s Tent Cot – Perfect for camping out at movie theaters or waiting in line for Hall H at Comic-Con! Keep out of the elements (and away from those pesky Twi-Hards) with Tent Cot. Holds up to 300 pounds, so it fits either you and your geek girl, or just you. Either way, you’re covered.

Price Is No Object: Jedi Costume Ensemble – Perfectly affordable, from a certain point of view. Yeah, it costs a little over a grand. But you’ll never have to buy another Halloween costume again. And no matter who you are, everyone looks good as a Jedi.