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Mon, 6 May ’13

Kick Out the Nerd Jams and Prepare for Summer

Summer movies mean summer fun and plenty of geek music to go with it.

“Secret Wars”, The Last Emperor (2003) – Famed underground hip hop artist The Last Emperor poses the age old question: “What if I had the power to gather all of my favorite emcees/ With the illest comic book characters and they became arch enemies?” If you thought The Last Emperor was only a Scorsese film, you’ll at least be able to appreciate the hardcore comic book fandom.

“Zombie Crush”, Groovie Ghoulies (1997) – This is the perfect love song for catching up on old Walking Dead episodes with your new summer fling. Trust us. The whole album, Reanimation Festival, is filled with 90’s pop punk ballads about graveyards, ghosts and El Chupacabra – so if you’re into catchy music and horror movies, it’s your thing. Do what you wanna do.

“I Used to Love H.E.R. (Hyrule Market)”, Team Teamwork (2009) – Choosing just one track off of the Ocarina of Rhyme album by Team Teamwork was a bit more challenging than we’d thought – it’s an awesome album that mashes up classic and contemporary rap with the soundtrack to Ocarina of Time. The whole thing takes love of Zelda to a whole new booty dropping level, but “Hyrule Market” in particular is amped up when set to Common.

“Batdance”, Prince (1989) – Did you know that Prince’s fourth #1 single was this gem he wrote for Tim Burton’s Batman? No surprise there. This song is perfect for when the sun is setting and you’re preparing your utility belt for that evening’s festivities. As if the tune itself wasn’t enough, do check out the video. It’s the most insane fun you can have without getting thrown in Arkham Asylum.

“Oblivion “, M83 (Feat- Suzanne Sundfør) (2013) – Of all the songs on the Oblivion soundtrack, this title track is easily the most M83 sounding of them all. We know it’s going to be the type of epic summer jam that sticks around all season, and we’re even looking forward to a remix for every Earth in the DC universe.

What’s your favorite nerd jam? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Google + and together we can build the ultimate summer geek track playlist.