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Incognito Nerdery: Han Solo in Business Card-onite

Tue, 30 Apr ’13
We love ourselves a good mashup t-shirt. We honestly do, but our closets are full of the things and frankly we can’t always find an excuse… more

It’s the Geek Pumpkins, Charlie Brown!

Wed, 31 Oct ’12
Halloween isn’t just for kids. Sure, it may be inappropriate for you to throw on a sackcloth mask and try to shake down your neighbors for… more

A Course in Awesomeness

Thu, 12 Jul ’12
That was fun, wasn’t it? The first Course of the Force is now one for the history books, and as our Sail Barge parks itself outside The… more

Winter is Coming – The Top 5 Must-Haves for the Season of Storms

Mon, 5 Dec ’11
By Brian WaltonFrom Hoth to Mordor, we’ve got your back when the temperature drops. Because chilling out is just a metaphor and we want to… more

Hirsute of Happiness

Mon, 21 Nov ’11
Men of the world, it’s November, and you know what that means: losing at fantasy football, showing off your turkey carving skills and… more

Way, To Go: Win Chris Hardwick’s New Book.

Tue, 1 Nov ’11
As most in-the-know people acknowledge nowadays, the nerds have taken over the earth. Which is all well and good, but adds yet another… more

WIN a JakPak: The Snuggie for Survivalists

Mon, 13 Jun ’11
When G.I. Joe and Transformers collided in the comic books, the resulting battle sadly never led to crossover toys. While we wait, the… more

There’s a Nap for That

Mon, 11 Apr ’11
The modern cell-phone is an incredible device.  It reaches out to the web, communicates with GPS satellites and hurls cartoon birds in… more

Power Rings

Mon, 27 Dec ’10
Didn’t get your girlfriend the jewelry she wanted for the holidays? Good news. We’ve got a chance for you to redeem yourself and serve your… more

A Nerdy Noel – GCD’s Geeky Gift Guide

Wed, 15 Dec ’10
Those who don’t share our interests can’t tell a Sideshow Collectible from a slideshow projector. Our Geeky Gift Guide will help non-nerds… more

Get a Load of This

Dogs bark a familiar tune. more