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Mon, 19 Dec ’11

Go Get ‘Em, Gumshoes!

Strap on your thinking caps for a truly unique Hollywood experience.

Walking the streets of Hollywood can be a very dangerous thing. Trying to avoid throngs of tourists, costumed weirdos, daywalkers (or so we assume), wannabes, has-beens and hangers-on; as any local can tell you, it gets exhausting. So why would you want to pay for the opportunity to do all of that? Well, when you’re buying a ticket to Accomplice: Hollywood, you’re buying into a hush-hush, social-gaming adventure that provides you with intellectual thrills you thought Hollywood had given up on.

Accomplice is an exhilarating, brain-bending blend of scavenger hunt and interactive theater. It began in New York (where there are now two different versions), and was brought to Hollywood by noted mystery buff, sitcom womanizer and Harold & Kumar-sidekick Neil Patrick Harris. Like the Michael Douglas movie The Game, you’re thrown headfirst into an elaborate mystery and must decipher the clues and return Hollywood to normal – or at least whatever passes as normal around here.

The twists and turns are all secret, but it’s those surprises that have made this one of the most popular new experiences in the city. Get tickets here and then wait: you’ll be contacted by a (probably shady) character from the show who will give you your starting point and any other information your group needs for the investigation. Bring some comfy shoes and an open mind: that jaded screenwriter you run into could be just taking up a table at Starbucks, or he could be the key to cracking the case. So go ahead, make Benedict Cumberbatch proud and show us how elementary this case really is.