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Action Figures

Santino, Sculpted

Tue, 16 Aug ’11
Some WWE superstars break character when doing interviews. Kane notably did not set journalists on fire when asked about his movie See No… more

WIN Transformers Kre-O Sets!

Thu, 7 Jul ’11
Breaking stuff is a hoot, but if you break a $40 Leader Class Ironhide action figure, he can’t be played with again. Enter Hasbro’s latest… more

NECA’s Got A Brand New Niche: Films

Thu, 12 May ’11
Rare is the toy collector who does not know the NECA name – rarer, possibly, than the company’s Comic-Con exclusive Stealth Predator. Since… more

Pick Your Joes: WIN New G.I. Joe Book

Fri, 6 May ’11
You think you know G.I. Joe? Listen up: any ’80s fanboy or fangirl worth their salt could tell us that Duke was originally supposed to die… more

Unsung 80’s Action Figures…Reborn

Fri, 4 Mar ’11
When it came to toys, the ‘80s were truly the era of the infinite and awesomely ridiculous. more

Get A Pair! WIN 2 Kidrobot Family Guy Toys

Fri, 18 Feb ’11
Have you ever put a live clam in vodka just to get it drunk? Every time you see a guy in a chicken suit, do you want to beat the feathers… more

Toy Joy – The Best of NY Toy Fair 2011

Thu, 17 Feb ’11
We snuck into NY Toy Fair 2011. Here’s the coolest stuff we saw. Plus, catch our bonus gallery!1.) McFarlane-nium Falcon – The biggest Halo… more

A Space Oddity

Tue, 25 Jan ’11
At the dawn of mankind, toys were…uncomplicated. Chop some wood, you get “blocks”. Wad some animal skin into a globe, you get a “ball”…. more

Conan the He-Man

Mon, 17 Jan ’11
by James A. MillerWith his magical sword and fantasy-based cartoon, He-Man always seemed like a character straight out of some ancient… more

One Big, Ugly S.O.B. – Huge Predator Figure!

Mon, 20 Dec ’10
It’s been a rough life for the Predator. He was mortally wounded by a future Governator on his first man-safari. He was beat by the far… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more