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Action Figures

One Big, Ugly S.O.B. – Huge Predator Figure!

Mon, 20 Dec ’10
It’s been a rough life for the Predator. He was mortally wounded by a future Governator on his first man-safari. He was beat by the far… more

Expendables Assemble

Fri, 26 Nov ’10
The Expendables, now out on DVD, should have been a dream license for any toy company. After all, the cast members mostly look like plastic… more

Red Hulk! Bloody Hogan Figure On The Ropes

Tue, 2 Nov ’10
When Hulk Hogan drew the beautiful Miss Elizabeth away from the Macho Man Randy Savage, it culminated in a bloody battle at WrestleMania V… more

Halo Dollies

Wed, 8 Sep ’10
Say you’re Todd McFarlane. You’ve realized the hard way that nobody wants to buy multiple Jake Gyllenhaal figures. more

Ready For Prime Slime Time?

Wed, 1 Sep ’10
Just think: you’ll finally be able to cross streams in the privacy of your own home. Ghostbusters II turns 21 this year. To celebrate, the… more

Roid Rage! She-Ra’s BF Bulks Up

Fri, 20 Aug ’10
When playing with He-Man and his Masters of the Universe menagerie, guy code required us to pretend the Princess of Power toys didn’t exist… more

Venture into Yesteryear!

Wed, 18 Aug ’10
You have plenty of nerdy dreams that may never come true: owning a fully-functional Batman utility belt. Finding a larger audience for your… more

Toying with Death

Thu, 29 Jul ’10
Let’s face it. We’re gamers. We tend to be a bit too uncoordinated to be cold-blooded assassins in real-life. (Although we have been known… more

Behold the Robot Chicken!

Wed, 7 Jul ’10
Robot Chicken’s titular robotic chicken has already been through a lot. He was just trying to cross the road when he got hit by a car,… more

Buy the Power of She-Ra!

Mon, 14 Jun ’10
You’ll always remember She-Ra: Princess of Power. That’s partially because you used to love her cartoon. And partially because “Princess of… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more