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Action Figures

Remember Walter Peck!

Mon, 17 May ’10
Yes, it’s true, this toy has no d*ck. Which is why you have to have it! more

Iron Toys

Fri, 7 May ’10
Hey, did you hear there’s some movie about Iron Man that just came out?Whatever, it doesn’t even matter. more

Back Off Man, He’s a Scientist!

Mon, 19 Apr ’10
Many is the time you’ve wished you had a one-foot tall Bill Murray that you could just sit on your shelf or maybe even carry around in a… more

Jumbo Trooper

Thu, 8 Apr ’10
Admit it, you’ve always thought that Stormtroopers were kinda weak. Sure, their armor looks pretty cool, but it doesn’t seem to ever… more

Your Action Figure Stinks!

Mon, 15 Mar ’10
Unless you’re doing something we don’t want to know about, none of your action figures should have a smell. Well, Mattel is going to do… more

Toys that Make You Say “WoW”

Wed, 10 Mar ’10
You might snatch up the next batch of World of Warcraft figurines because you’re obsessed with the game. You might snatch up the next batch… more

The Life Aquatic

Tue, 9 Feb ’10
With today’s hotly anticipated release of the sopping wet action epic BioShock 2 on the 360, it’s safe to assume that your next 36 to 72… more


Fri, 8 Jan ’10
It’s a question every fan of Adult Swim’s runaway hit The Venture Bros. has muttered to themselves at one point or another—how can a show… more

Bruce Campbell Action Figure!

Wed, 28 Oct ’09
Finally, Barbie’s dreams have more

Avatar Toys Have Avatars!

Thu, 8 Oct ’09
The premiere of James Cameron’s ridiculously anticipated 3D alien epic Avatar is less than three months away, so chances are you’re… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more