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No Jane, No Gain: The Former (Future?) Punisher’s Latest Projects

Wed, 8 Aug ’12
Thomas Jane isn’t waiting around by the phone for the next big thing to fall into his lap. He unveiled the Punisher fan-film #DIRTYLAUNDRY… more

Geek this Week: Thy Will Be Done

Tue, 7 Aug ’12
Podcast Pundit – No, George W. Bush isn’t running for office again – that’s Will Ferrell as the similarly southern congressman Cam Brady in… more

Legendary Update: The Bat, The Con and Your Summer!

Fri, 29 Jun ’12
The wait is almost over. On July 20th, Batman, Catwoman, and Bane finally duke it out in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ The… more

The Nerdist Channel Enters a Realm of LARP

Mon, 18 Jun ’12
Starting today, you can get a sneak peek of fantasy and reality colliding on the Nerdist Channel in Realm of LARP. If you already… more

NERDSWAG: Red Tails on Blu-ray! Plus the Director Speaks

Tue, 22 May ’12
If you missed Red Tails in the theater because you thought a historical movie wasn’t your speed, think again. more

Going Haywire: Five Athletes Besides Gina Carano Who Should Be In Movies

Fri, 20 Jan ’12
By: Luke Y. ThompsonJust as Michael Ovitz once looked at aikido instructor Steven Seagal and saw a star, or Steven Soderbergh believed in a… more

Fly Hard: George Lucas Honors History in Red Tails

Mon, 16 Jan ’12
Yoda famously told Luke Skywalker that “wars not make one great,” but the Jedi master’s creator, George Lucas, has been trying to prove the… more

100 Years Young

Tue, 3 Jan ’12
A century of movie making magic is nothing to scoff at. Being the oldest existing film studio means that not every film is golden, but… more

Magic Morgan, Mean McGrath: The Stars of Merlin Speak

Tue, 3 Jan ’12
We don’t know what it’s like to wield magic, so we asked two people who do…sort of. Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath, best known to us as… more

Season of the Wizard

Tue, 3 Jan ’12
We never really used to think of Merlin as any kind of sex-symbol back when Disney’s The Sword in the Stone defined his public image, but… more