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On Stranger Truths – Pirates 4

Fri, 20 May ’11
Captain Jack Sparrow has come across foes so odd they could have been hallucinated by Johnny Depp on an absinthe bender. While the newest… more

Samurai Slash-Fest

Fri, 29 Apr ’11
By Alexei BochenekTimes of peace are tough on a samurai. In Japan’s feudal era, these swordsmen lived only to die in honor of their master… more

Throne for a Loop – HBO’s Game of Thrones

Thu, 14 Apr ’11
In most fantasy, an ancient evil returns with new power to take over the land. Only an unlikely commoner with hidden heritage (call him… more

Riding Shotgun With Rutger Hauer

Thu, 31 Mar ’11
Writer-director Jason Eisener is living the dream. Not only did he win a contest with his fake trailer Hobo with a Shotgun, he then got to… more

Hobo Erectus

Thu, 31 Mar ’11
He’s played an android with a soul (Blade Runner), a church cardinal with a dark secret (Sin City), and a swordfighter with a vision… more

Behold: The Golden Geeks!

Fri, 25 Feb ’11
Let’s face it, when it comes to picking the best, Hollywood has the tastes of people a lot older and more boring than you in mind. We know… more

Off the Deep End: Cameron’s Sanctum

Fri, 4 Feb ’11
James Cameron wants to scare you, but it’s for your own good. With his new thriller Sanctum, he was aiming at filmgoers’ most primal fears… more

The Dragon’s Master

Fri, 28 Jan ’11
Hong Kong action films rarely consider the facts, even when making a movie about a real person’s life. They’re pre-occupied with far more… more

Behind the Buzz

Fri, 14 Jan ’11
Before you watch Seth Rogen don The Green Hornet’s mask this weekend, check these surprising factoids in Hornet history:1.) He was born on… more

Cloaking Device – NBC’s The Cape

Wed, 5 Jan ’11
Why do superheroes have capes, exactly? Robin wears one as a tribute to his background as an acrobat. Batman uses his for base-jumping. But… more