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Inconceivable Princess Bride Contest!

Fri, 10 Sep ’10
Hello. Our name is not Inigo Montoya. You did not kill our father. Do not prepare to die. Instead, prepare to win two of the coolest… more

Danny Trejo’s Slice of Life: Machete

Fri, 3 Sep ’10
And you thought your grandpa was feisty! At the ripe young age of 66, Danny Trejo, a.k.a. That Scary Guy You Saw In That One Movie One Time… more

George Lucas On Trial!

Thu, 19 Aug ’10
In the title crawl of your lives, there was only one first viewing of Star Wars, one early bird card per household.  No one knew why… more

Randy Couture’s Geek Guilty Pleasures

Fri, 13 Aug ’10
You want action? Fine. When we reached out to a real-life action hero, the five-time UFC Champ Randy Couture, he was hunting wild boars in… more

Sex Bob-Omb In Your Face!

Thu, 12 Aug ’10
Scott Pilgrim isn’t just a trailer that’s more fun than most full-length movies. more

GCD Exclusive: The Greatest American Hero

Fri, 2 Jul ’10
We know there’ll be plenty of barbecues, fireworks and emergency room visits on July 4th, but just in case you get sick of all that—or if… more

The Last Airbender

Thu, 1 Jul ’10
Mashing up his passion for anime with heavy realism, M. Night Shyamalan is bringing a live action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender to… more

The Littlest Brawl

Wed, 9 Jun ’10
For those of you who have been longing for a regular dose of Jackass for the past, well, 10 years, there’s finally a potential, albiet… more

A-Team A Go Go!

Tue, 8 Jun ’10
Before Hollywood’s complete and utter evisceration of your youth culminates in this Friday’s theatrical remake of The A-Team, snag yourself… more

Nerd Out On Nature

Tue, 1 Jun ’10
Today, Ma Nature drops her hotly anticipated album of greatest hits and previously unreleased tracks as the BBC/Discovery-produced nature… more