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The Human Target

Fri, 15 Jan ’10
In Christopher Chance’s second chance at TV stardom (the first one was a 1992 adaptation with Rick Springfield), Mark Valley (“Fringe”)… more

Another Chance

Fri, 15 Jan ’10
Fox’s new show Human Target is based on a comic book character dating back to Bronze Age Action Comics. So while you’re in no way required… more

“We destroy almost everything on Earth”

Mon, 9 Nov ’09
After Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, director Roland Emmerich had to up the ante. And with a dire prediction from the Mayan… more

Geek Cheat Sheet: Tony Jaa

Thu, 22 Oct ’09
If you’re not already familiar with Tony Jaa, it’s time to get schooled. Widely hailed as the next Jackie Chan or Jet Li, Jaa is a Thai… more