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We are a team of digital artists.
Our speciality is making lovely, modern content for TV and the web.
  • Chris Hardwick’s wildly popular network for all things nerd.
  • Webby-award winning Soapbox Films lets you peek behind their magical curtain.
  • Monthly live screening results and thousands of archived shows from the rabidly-creative filmmakers of Channel 101.
  • A portal into the minds and music of comedic songstress duo Garfunkel and Oates.
  • The interactive companion to Chris Hardwick’s book, The Nerdist Way, complete with supplements and resources.
  • Children’s author and tiny dog, Pickle, displays and distributes her first publication from this online storefront.
  • Design and production company Pembrook displays their diverse range of clients and projects.
  • The home of comedienne Riki Lindhome’s podcast, blog, videos, music, and more.
  • This is where we make sitcoms, music videos, comedy shorts and more.

    We write ’em, shoot ’em, and put ’em on the internet for your enjoyment.
  • The internet home of our BBQ-based holiday.

    Grab a fork and join in, there’s probably a chapter near you!
  • Pickle is a tiny dog in a big world. She does a lot of cute things we’d like to show you.
  • Everything you ever needed to know about Scott Stapp, his rivals, his imitators, and the world of butt music.
The buzz on social networking sites surrounding the premiere of MTV’s first Super Psycho movie inspired this fresh take on an opening credit sequence.

We ran with the idea and created the first real-time, web-surfing-inspired credit sequence with original design elements, and stills and sequences from the first movie. It’s pretty killer if you ask us.
Getting ready for Disney’s PROM was almost as intense as getting ready for our actual prom. We conceived of, designed, and created a graphics package that integrates hand-drawn sketches, textural elements, video, and feature film clips for one completely polished look.

Our graphics package was used and reused to tie each different element of the entire marketing campaign into one united theme.
We were tasked with bringing monsters, demons, and werewolves to life . . . from paintings.

Elements of each painting were isolated, animated, and re-composited to breathe life into the previously-static images.
For the Mythbusters episode of this popular Nerdist YouTube show, they needed something slick and high-tech.

We created original graphics reminiscent of Terminator-vision and, for bonus points, composited Chris Hardwick’s head onto some bowling pins!
Keeping it clean and simple is the best way to help people ingest information, so we created a stark environment for this commercial.

We also combined animated text with fluid graphics to convey the iconic Apple aesthetic. The seamless flow of each element into the next mimics the movement of an iPhone screen, so the viewer gets an overall impression of what it’s like to use the app itself.
We scanned original artwork by musician and artist Ian Dudley and separated it into various elements to create our own world: A rich, animated seafaring adventure.

The sun in the sky, the bobbing waves, the blue whale and the amusement park island, each of these elements were integrated into the final music video frame by frame. The end result is a beautiful marriage of live-action and animation that invites the viewer to drift along with Ian.
We have a knack for what you might call “old-school flare,” so when we were approached to do the on-screen computer graphics for this video, we couldn’t resist.

The aesthetic and movement of the antiquated spaceship screen was created with original graphics and a lot of nostalgia.
The opening credit sequence for Worst. Prom. Ever. introduces the movie’s main characters as they get booked for jail. We combined original design elements with scenes from the film to create a fast-paced and fun introduction to each character.

Lots of compositing, tracking, and modeling from scratch went into this unique credit sequence.

We were also asked to simulate a typical teenage text exchange in a more visually-dynamic way, so we created life-size pop-ups that have an instant-messaging feel.
We teamed up with Raul B. Fernandez to produce a music video for ‘The Final Breaths of a Main Character’ by The Woods.

Combining animation with live-action is always ambitious, especially when you only have 4 days to shoot. But thanks to the incredibly talented cast & crew of volunteers that came on board, we were able to make our pipe dream a reality.

Months of frame-by-frame animation later, we presented the final product to glowing reviews and a few award nominations.
Given the opportunity, we love collaborating with friends. Steven Anderson came to us with a concept for a promo that involved getting saucy in a BBQ restaurant and we responded with an emphatic “YES.”

The dream-like state juxtaposed with the messy reality of misguided enthusiasm made this short shoot one of our tastiest sets yet.
We dove into summer headfirst with this music video for indie rockers Masters of the Hemisphere.

Director Chris Rogers conceived of this series of warm vignettes to accompany the song’s driving guitars. We wound our way to the top of Malibu’s canyons and dove beneath the ocean’s surface to pay homage to those glowing, final summer days.
Another Steven Anderson brainchild was born when we created this short video to hype our BBQ-based holiday. This one harkens back to the warmth of childhood memories while enticing Santa with the treat he really wanted all those years: babyback ribs.

In the process, we learned never to underestimate the difficulty of a long, continuous shot. And for good measure, a Mariah Carey song!
Creators Harry Perry III, Keith Wagner and Aaron Lovell brought us the script for a teen-geared superhero show and we immediately loved it.

After months of casting calls, costume design, and location scouts, we assembled a crack team of industry veterans (many hailing from Nickelodeon) and fresh young talents.

This show is currently in post-production and will be making the rounds soon. Get ready for adventure with Commander Laserbeam and his sidekick–I mean–errand boy, Neil.
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give a man a beer, a grill, and some fresh ingredients and you’ve got Cookin’ with JAD.

In each episode, JAD tastes a popular or iconic restaurant food and attempts to reconstruct it. He also walks the viewer through the process step-by-step so they can try it at home.

First, we tackle the Los Angeles buzz food Umami burger, which has come out on top of the gourmet burger revolution.

We also get some fun food history lessons, prep tips, and learn why JAD doesn’t want to babysit your children.