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Fri, 13 Jan ’12

All for One: GeekChicDaily Gets Concentrated

It’s not the end of the world – we’re just partying like it is.

Friday the 13th is known around these parts as the day when a hockey-masked hellion chops virginal victims into tiny parts. Here at GCD, we’re doing the opposite; picking up our different pieces and making a more powerful whole. Rather than just taking Manhattan or basking in Hollywood thrills, we’re focusing all our resources on getting the whole world of fandom in our sites.

Big things are in store for us this year, not counting the giant arks we’ll have to start building if Roland Emmerich was even remotely correct about 2012. As such, GeekChicLA and GeekChicNYC are transitioning out of your daily inbox and into the higher energies of our super-charged social media. GCLA and GCNYC will become more powerful than we can possibly imagine on their respective Twitter feeds, as we maintain the mothership that is GCD’s national newsletter, and the bustling cyberspace metropolis of TOKYOPOP powered by GeekChicDaily. Get your bearings on both when you travel by Facebook to their respective ports.

We’ve got lots to share as both news and swag, we’ll be continuing to expand our presence on both coasts…heck, we even found a presidential candidate we can all get behind. Keep following us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll all end the next year with a bang one way or another.