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Could There Be a Nausicaa Sequel in the Works?

Mon, 26 Aug ’13
One of the hallmarks of Studio Ghibli’s thoroughly impressive output over the years is that they’ve managed to put out timeless tale after… more

Behind the Voice: Going Over 9,000 with Chris Sabat

Tue, 13 Aug ’13
As a voice actor (especially one who dubs anime), it’s sometimes tough stand out from the crowd when compared to their on-camera brethren…. more

In Memoriam: The 4 Hardest Hitting Deaths in Anime

Mon, 15 Jul ’13
Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist): Loyal husband, devoted father, and murder victim – Maes’ death may be one of the most lamented in anime… more

Mech Mayhem: Our Favorite Mechs in Pop Culture

Fri, 12 Jul ’13
Evangelion Unit 03- Sangouki (Evangelion): If you’re judging a mecha by the standards you would a new car, Sangouki’s got it all. A… more

Summer Anime 2013: Four Series to Watch For

Thu, 20 Jun ’13
Silver Spoon – From Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) comes an agricultural comedy about Yugo Hachiken, a spoiled cityslicker who… more

Week in Review: One Piece’s Return, Tezuka’s Treasures & Bizarre Kicks

Thu, 23 May ’13
Doctor Daisuke – If George Clooney’s long term success is any indication, people love medical shows (and handsome/charming men who own… more

Week in Review: Shonen Jump’s Theme Park, Monster on HBO and Pokemon News

Thu, 16 May ’13
The Magic Kingdom – We’ve been talking/obsessing about it for a while now and it looks like details are finally beginning to emerge on… more

Bento Box: Blue Exorcist’s Spin-Off, Naruto’s MMORPG and Kooky Kigurumi

Thu, 25 Apr ’13
Audition on Titan – On Monday, Kyoji Asano, lead character designer and animation director of the recently debuted Attack on Titan more

Bento Box: Street Fighter, Gatchaman and Naruto, Oh My!

Thu, 11 Apr ’13
Kicking it on the Street – Street Fighter: Legacy creator Joey Ansah has begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an… more

Behind the Voice: An Interview with Kyle Hebert

Wed, 10 Apr ’13
You may not know the name Kyle Hebert, but you’ve definitely heard his voice in some of your favorite shows. For years, Kyle has worked in… more