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Puppeteers of the ParaNorman: Chris Butler and Sam Fell

Fri, 17 Aug ’12
It took screenwriter Chris Butler 16 years to get his script for ParaNorman produced, but it was worth the wait. The 3-D stop-motion movie… more

Insert Coin to Start with "Wreck-It Ralph" Director Rich Moore

Mon, 6 Aug ’12
Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph looks like it was tailor-made for us: it’s about video game characters (and features cameos from fan-favorites like… more

Man of the Futurama: Maurice LaMarche’s Versatile Voices

Wed, 20 Jun ’12
Maurice LaMarche is the only guy we know who’s ever won an Emmy for playing a severed head, but Orson Welles in a jar is just one of many… more

NERDSWAG: Joe Kelly Signs His Name to Superman vs. The Elite

Mon, 11 Jun ’12
Think Superman’s a bit of an old-fashioned good guy compared to gritty, angsty heroes like Christopher Nolan’s Batman?  Well, so do… more

A "Legend" in Our Midst: An Interview with Janet Varney

Fri, 27 Apr ’12
By Christopher Fealy. more

Grimm Portent: An Interview with Jon Schnepp and Ben Jackendoff

Wed, 11 Apr ’12
By: Chris FealyBetween the glut of Snow White-related movies and shows with titles like Once Upon a Time and Grimm, it may seem like fairy… more

NERDSWAG: Season 15 of South Park on DVD or Blu-ray

Mon, 26 Mar ’12
Careful, South Park: now that you’re 16 years old, you can be legally tried as an adult! Of course what it also means is you have an excuse… more

Wizard of WonderCon: Ralph Bakshi Makes Magic, Again

Tue, 13 Mar ’12
It’s fitting that Ralph Bakshi is known for his take on Mighty Mouse, because in a world where animation is still perceived as being mostly… more

Back-to-Bakshi: The Iconic Animator Looks to Play New Toons

Tue, 13 Mar ’12
When we asked Bill Plympton about making full-length animated features for adults, he responded, “One of my gods is Ralph Bakshi, and he… more

Bill Plympton Plays a Toon Tune

Wed, 7 Mar ’12
At the Los Angeles Animation Festival, Bill Plympton is being honored with an all-new documentary and a 20th anniversary screening of his… more