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Top Bill-ing: Plympton Headlines the L.A. Animation Festival

Wed, 7 Mar ’12
Through his multiple award-winning shorts and cult-favorite features, Bill Plympton is like a punk-rock star of animation, still doing… more

Nation-al Treasures: Cartoon Network’s New DC Direction

Fri, 2 Mar ’12
In geek households across the country, many a debate rages: Adam West or Michael Keaton? Hal Jordan or Guy Gardner? Grim and gritty or… more

Faustian Bargain: Lauren Faust Joins DC Nation

Fri, 2 Mar ’12
When you think of cartoons based on DC characters, Bruce Timm illustrations often come to mind, along with the brooding of Batman: The… more

Nation Builder: The Peter Girardi Interview

Fri, 2 Mar ’12
Building new worlds isn’t just a task performed by Slartibartfast on Magrathea; it’s an everyday occurrence for WB Animation’s Peter… more

Blade’s Harold Perrineau: From Matrix to Marvel

Thu, 12 Jan ’12
Wesley Snipes may have given up on Blade movies, but Marvel Anime is just getting started with the character, who’ll premiere in his new… more

Hark, the Harold Vampire Stings

Thu, 12 Jan ’12
From Lost to The Matrix, we generally think of Harold Perrineau as a character caught up in a massively complicated and unfamiliar world…. more

His Adventures Are A Win-Win

Wed, 21 Dec ’11
In Europe, Tintin is an orange-haired comics icon as familiar as Garfield is to us (we’ve yet to see little Tintins suction-cupped to… more

Green With Envy: A Conversation with Giancarlo Volpe

Fri, 11 Nov ’11
This Veteran’s Day a different type of veteran finally gets his time to shine. Hal Jordan of Earth, Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 is… more

WIN!: CTN animation eXpo Pass

Wed, 9 Nov ’11
Watching cartoons for a few dozen hours isn’t a bad way to spend a weekend, if you ask us. But before you start stockpiling Blu-rays and… more

Get Shaken and Stirred With the Cast and Crew of Archer

Tue, 8 Nov ’11
There have been many spy spoofs throughout the years: Get Smart, Spies Like Us and the Woody Allen Casino Royale just to name a few…. more