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Strangers with Kitty: Puss In Boots’ Amy Sedaris

Tue, 25 Oct ’11
Known for her starring role in Strangers with Candy, Amy Sedaris can be seen this Friday when she voices magic-bean-hoarding madwoman… more

Cat Chat: An Interview with Amy Sedaris

Tue, 25 Oct ’11
We who are fans of Amy Sedaris like to think of her as our little secret. Whether she’s making us laugh with after-hours reruns of her… more

Hey Porter! Friday Night Lights’ Scott on Becoming X-Men Anime

Thu, 20 Oct ’11
We’ve always kept one eye on Scott Porter, but now we’re afraid he might shoot a similar gaze right back, as the actor’s latest role is… more

Getting An Eye On Scott Porter

Thu, 20 Oct ’11
The star of Friday Night Lights, Caprica and the new X-Men anime on G4 talks Cyclops, Pop! music videos and coaching Taylor Kitsch into… more

WIN Batman: Year One Signed Script and Blu-ray

Tue, 18 Oct ’11
We’ve gotten many great Batman movies over the years, but the hardest of hardcore fans nearly always manage to find something small to… more

Batman: Year One’s Bryan Cranston Gets In Gordon’s Head

Fri, 14 Oct ’11
You can’t pin Bryan Cranston down. When you think he’s one type of actor, he’ll turn convention on its ear and give a performance that no… more

Breaking Down Jim Gordon with Bryan Cranston

Fri, 14 Oct ’11
By: Brian WaltonHe’s created his share of memorable characters on the small screen, from Walter White to Malcolm’s dad Hal, but over the… more

Oogie Boogie At The El Cap

Mon, 10 Oct ’11
You’ve seen Tim Burton’s stop motion masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas in 2D and maybe even in the recently released 3D format…. more

Booze-Soaked ‘Toons

Tue, 13 Sep ’11
Not many things are dearer to our hearts than cartoons and cocktails. That’s why we nearly feel off our barstool when Drinking and Drawing… more

DEFCON 23 – Disney Raises the Stakes

Thu, 18 Aug ’11
Comic-Con is, like, so last July. Now that it’s August, Disney’s own fan-focused D23 Expo nears, and it promises a flurry of its… more