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Sith Happens – Star Wars Has A New Villain

Fri, 7 Jan ’11
With due respect to the Skywalkers and the Solos, the best Star Wars characters are the villains. Think of the looming Darth Vader…the (… more

Jokes of the Jedi – Family Guy Star Wars III

Tue, 21 Dec ’10
Catching the final installment of a popular sci-fi trilogy is usually such a chore. First you’ve got to pre-buy the tickets. Then you’ve… more

The Yellow Book Road: Simpsons World

Fri, 3 Dec ’10
Think of the avalanche of factoids contained in two decades of Simpsons seasons. more

As Not Seen on TV

Mon, 27 Sep ’10
There are some subjects so serious that you just don’t joke about them: cancer, genocide, the coming robot wars. But not abortion. Nope,… more

Who is Batman’s Arch-Frenemy?

Wed, 28 Jul ’10
Having your sidekick turn against you is a real blow below the utility belt, but in Batman: Under the Red Hood, that’s exactly what happens… more

Back to the Future!

Thu, 24 Jun ’10
Congratulations GCD subscriber! You’ve finally done something worthwhile! After Fox canceled Futurama in 2003, its repeats earned solid… more

Cartoon Time Machine

Mon, 3 May ’10
Back in the ’80s, you were a kid and just about the only thing you wanted to do was sit in your pajamas and watch cartoons. Now it’s the… more

The Voice of Superman

Tue, 23 Feb ’10
The latest DC Universe Animated Original, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, hits streets today, and the scope is big. The league goes… more

Cartoon Democracy

Thu, 18 Feb ’10
You’ve been sour on TV show voting ever since the demoralizing season three finale of Dancing with the Stars, in which viewers awarded the… more

Fullmetal Awesomeness

Fri, 12 Feb ’10
What do you do after you’ve made boatloads of money turning one of Japan’s best selling mangas into a super-popular anime?You do it again!… more