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Global Politics: The Anime!

Mon, 8 Feb ’10
Barack Obama’s appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #583 may have resulted in the best-selling comic book this decade, but when it comes to… more

Here He Comes to Save the Day!

Wed, 6 Jan ’10
It ran for only two glorious seasons in the late-’80s, so it’s possible you’ve forgotten about Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures. But… more

Have an X-wing Xmas!

Tue, 22 Dec ’09
Looking for a Christmas present for the Star Wars-lover or five in your life? Here’s your leading contender: Today’s DVD release of “… more

Make your own Adult Swim DVD!

Mon, 16 Nov ’09
Remember how much fun you used to have making mix tapes? You’d lock yourself in your room and obsess over song selection, so you could show… more

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Christmas Wish List

Wed, 4 Nov ’09
May we present your new favorite holiday album: Have Yourself A Meaty Little Christmas by the gentlemen of Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger… more

G.I. Joe as it ought to be

Mon, 2 Nov ’09
When the Cartoon Network debuted G.I. Joe: Resolute this past spring, fans of Hasbro’s “Real American Hero” finally got the Joe ’toon they… more

Batman: The Musical!

Fri, 23 Oct ’09
We know what you’ve all been thinking: Batman is a near perfect superhero franchise—riveting hero, legendary back story, iconic villains—… more

Monster Killer

Mon, 12 Oct ’09
Author Junot Diaz has named the manga Monster as his biggest guilty pleasure. But Diaz is just the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction,… more