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Qualcomm Delivers the Course of the Force in an App

Sat, 13 Jul ’13
Are you interested in following this year’s Course of the Force, the charity run from Skywalker Ranch in Northern California all the way… more

Nerdbytes: Pacific Rim Stomps Into Theaters

Thu, 11 Jul ’13
Kaiju Zig and Jaegers Zag – The gargantuan wait is finally over. Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is crushing theaters beginning at… more

Geek this Week: Alien Pirates Aren’t What You Think

Tue, 19 Jun ’12
Reid a Book – As the founder of Listen.com, which created Rhapsody, Rob Reid knows a thing or two about music piracy, and how much the… more

Nerd is the Word: GeekChicDaily Becomes Nerdist News!

Mon, 13 Feb ’12
We announced the marriage of our brands a while back, and now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re taking on our partner’s name…. more

Howard Stern’s Championship Cover

Fri, 3 Feb ’12
So how could Wizard magazine alums Mike Cotton and Steve Blackwell, along with Howard Stern’s resident geekspert Ralph Cirella, follow up… more

They Are the Champion! (Staff): Mike Cotton, Steve Blackwell and Ralph Cirella

Fri, 3 Feb ’12
Having taken iPads by storm with the first issue of Champion! – an innovative downloadable magazine full of interactive features and fun… more

All for One: GeekChicDaily Gets Concentrated

Fri, 13 Jan ’12
Friday the 13th is known around these parts as the day when a hockey-masked hellion chops virginal victims into tiny parts. Here at GCD, we… more

High Noon: Go West and Shoot Straight

Mon, 12 Sep ’11
Listen greenhorn, we’ve all been there. You’re fixin’ to buy a sarsaparilla at the market and the ol’ lady in front of you is countin’ out… more

Sword and Sworcery – Unbelievably Arty App

Thu, 21 Apr ’11
In the Legend of Zelda games, you sliced and diced Gannon. In the God of War series, you gored Greek gods. And in your backyard, you dueled… more

You Will Know Jack: iPad Meets The Kennedys

Fri, 1 Apr ’11
It’s tough to sum up the entire JFK presidency in eight episodes – hell, it took Oliver Stone over three hours just to do the assassination… more

Get a Load of This

This prototype time-piece from UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau traps insects on… more