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Wed, 28 Aug ’13

Arrested Development: Where Is the Powers TV Show?

Do Bendis’ creations still have a shot at glory?

When it debuted in the year 2000, Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers seemed perfectly positioned as the crossover title for the masses. The book’s combination of superheroes, police procedural and noir captured fans imaginations and it’s hero detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim captured our hearts.

The book’s initial story, “Who Killed Retro Girl,” was instantly compared to Twin Peaks and considered ripe for film or TV development. In 2001, Sony optioned the rights where it stalled for almost ten years of development hell. The light at the end of the tunnel seemed to appear when FX ordered a pilot in 2011. Jason Patric beat out fan favorite Kyle Chandler for the role of Walker and a publicity still was released. 

While the show is supposedly still alive, most of what’s come before has been completely scrapped. Earlier this year, Bendis confirmed to us the show was being retooled with new showrunner Charlie Houston and was still alive at the network that gave us Sons of Anarchy. However, that was before another year of new fall TV was on the horizon with no Powers in sight. All of this, unfortunately, leaves Powers one step closer to being a failed pilot we need to see.