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Fri, 1 Jul ’11

Photo Funnies: WIN the Awkward Family Photos Game and Book

Think your July 4th will be awkward? Laugh at far worse with these prizes.

Nothing says Independence Day like fireworks, charred meat and wince-inducing family get-togethers. Think your family is weird? Check out the hilarious AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com, where voluntarily submitted pics turn somebody else’s kin into your comedy. Like the site? We can do you one better, with a free prize package that includes the best-selling, Awkward Family Photos book and the spin-off board game. It’s fun for the whole family as players answer absurd questions based on the uncomfortable images within. Breed multiple entries for yourself by visiting our Facebook or Twitter (#GCDawkward). Hurry: contest ends Thursday, July 7, 2011.

Sometimes, a snapshot just reads wrongly to anyone outside the family who’s not in on the joke. From psychotic babies and hardcore Star Trek nerds to outdated hairdos and inadvertently suggestive poses, everybody’s got that one picture that just didn’t turn out the way they expected.  It’s okay to laugh, because like America’s Funniest Home Videos, these are reader submitted. Unlike that show, you don’t have to sit through obviously-staged wiffle-bat swats to the family jewels to get to the good stuff.

We know some of the awkward relatives you’ll want to share this with aren’t all net-savvy, so go win the book and the game now, with bonus entry chances on our Facebook and Twitter (#GCDawkward). It’ll give your clan something to bond over at next year’s Fourth of July barbeque. Who knows? With all the laughter involved, it might make your next family gathering a tad more…photogenic. Enter now. And Happy Independence Day from GeekChicDaily!