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Tue, 4 Sep ’12

Baba Booey! Gary Dell’Abate, Technically

Gary’s gadgetry comes into focus on the Nerdist Channel.

To Howard Stern fans and prank callers, “Baba Booey” is an essential part of the vocabulary. But to the Nerdist Channel, he’s our newest host, and he’s about to demystify technology for all those folks out there whose phones don’t do anything other than make calls. Debuting today, Dell’Abate’s new show They Call Me Baba Booey may play on the name recognition from Stern, but it’s Gary who gets to be the lead this time around.

Nerdist News: What is They Call Me Baba Booey?

Gary Dell’Abate:
It will always start out talking about a gadget or some kind of technology. And then from there I can talk about a book, a movie, about CDs, about what I’m watching. It’s going to be more about how people are applying technology every day. My show is not going to be the cutting-edge, here’s the newest/latest/greatest – although sometimes it will be – but it’s really geared towards people who are technologically stunted. On the first show I’m doing, I want to talk about Apple TV. Now, that’s not a new product, but I cannot believe how many people who own Apple products don’t have Apple TV – they don’t know what it does and how it can help them.

NN: Have you had the desire for a long time to be a host, as opposed to the guy in the background?

I’ve thought about it for a couple of years. When we got to Sirius and I started doing the wrap-up show, I got very comfortable doing that. I don’t wanna be Howard, but there are things that are very interesting to me that are not interesting to the show, and I thought to myself, “Well, I can do that! I can talk about that stuff.”

Gary Dell’Abate discusses even more in our full interview, including the biggest misconceptions people have about technology, the things our kids won’t believe we didn’t have and what it takes to build the ultimate man-cave. They Call Me Baba Booey starts today on the Nerdist Channel.