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Tue, 23 Jul ’13

Top Five Bands of Merry Adventurers

It’s dangerous to go alone… Take friends.

COMICSThe A-Team – They have the smart one, the handsome one, the crazy one and the angry one – not everybody can be Batman and embody all four qualities at once, so these guys need to come together as well as one of Hannibal’s plans in order to solve problems…when nobody else can help…and if you can find them. What may not have helped the movie version’s box office, however, was its notion that Liam Neeson needs any help whatsoever in vanquishing evil.

COMICSThe Goonies – Goonies never say die. But we’re still waiting for them to say “sequel!”

COMICSThe Crew of the Enterprise – Captain James T. Kirk is awesome. Ladies of all species love him, guys wish they could be him and hipster ironists can’t get enough of his…over-dramatic…PAUSES! But Kirk never saves the day entirely by himself; he’d be nowhere without Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov or even Welshy. As his science officer stated in Star Trek V, it’s impossible for him to die if he’s never alone. And even if he dies, he’ll come back in the reboot.

COMICSThe Seven Samurai – They stand up for the little guy, turned Toshiro Mifune into an international sensation, and have been remade in other genres so many times we lost count. Just think how much more badass Friar Tuck would have been wielding a katana. Are you thinking about it? Good.

COMICSThe Merry Men – Robin Hood’s band of outlaws are, if not the originators of the concept, at least one of the first arguable super-teams in pop-culture history. They’ve been done so many times – and usually pretty well – that we’re hard pressed to pick just one iteration, so we’re choosing a super-team! From Robin and Marian, Nicol Williamson as Little John. From Robin of Sherwood, Ray Winstone as Will Scarlet. From Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Christian Slater as…Will Scarlet also (hey, it’s our rules. Where there are two Wills, there’s a way). From Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Dave Chappelle as Ahchoo. And for Robin himself…you can’t go wrong with Errol Flynn, who’s like the original Spider-Man, but with a posse.