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Tue, 13 Aug ’13

Behind the Voice: Going Over 9,000 with Chris Sabat

From Fullmetal Alchemist to One Piece, he’s done it all.

As a voice actor (especially one who dubs anime), it’s sometimes tough stand out from the crowd when compared to their on-camera brethren. However, through hard work, determination and seemingly zero sleep, voice acting can be as rich and rewarding a career as one could have. After almost two decades in the industry and leaving his indelible stamp on countless beloved characters and performances, Chris Sabat is truly one of the best.

One can’t mention Chris without bringing up his most popular roles: Vegeta and Piccolo on Dragon Ball Z, Roronoa Zoro on One Piece and the muscular madman Alex Louis Armstrong on Fullmetal Alchemist. Known for his gruff voice, Chris has had a chance to play on basically every big anime ever, including tites like Lupin III, Case Closed, Samurai 7, Sergeant Frog and many more. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve heard his dulcet tones one more than one occasion.

Sabat has also lent his considerable talents to various video game projects, appearing in games like Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise, Deus Ex, Metroid Prime and Dynasty Warriors. Other than his voice acting work, Chris has also served as line producer and voice drector on shows like D-Gray Man and Case Closed. Plus, he even started his own full service audio production company, which shows he’s more than just a pretty voice. Check out our in-depth interview with Chris Sabat at Nerdist.com, held at Anime Expo 2013, and meet the man behind your favorite anime voices!