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Thu, 25 Apr ’13

Bento Box: Blue Exorcist’s Spin-Off, Naruto’s MMORPG and Kooky Kigurumi

Plus your chance to become an animator on Attack on Titan!

Audition on Titan – On Monday, Kyoji Asano, lead character designer and animation director of the recently debuted Attack on Titan anime adaptation, tweeted an ad intended to recruit amateur animators to join the staff of the critically acclaimed series. This isn’t the first time the anime/manga world has taken to social media: Sion Sono recently used YouTube auditions to cast his newest film. And here you thought that spending all your time staring at your phone was a waste of time!

MMORPGenius – In a double dose of awesomeness, the first in-depth trailers for both Monster Hunter Online and Naruto Online went live via their respective websites, delighting fans and worrying non-fan significant others the world over. Though the Bandai/Tencent Naruto game has been teased and much anticipated for a long time, the Monster Hunter MMORPG was only announced a few days prior to the trailer’s release. Both games promise traditional genre game play while offering fully fleshed out universes that fans of the series will want to spend a lot of time in, Like a lot of time. We’re hoping these games take off so that other anime and manga series take the online plunge. One Piece, anyone? (We just want to be pirates.)

Get Some Exorcise – It only took four years! Popular shonen manga Blue Exorcist received its first spin-off story in the form of the Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrow of Yukio Okumura one-shot published in Jump SQ magazine. The comedic tale is penned by Minoru Sasaki under the tutelage of Blue Excorcist mangaka Kazue Kato. The story follows the titular Yukio on a day in his life through his misadventures trying to keep his twin brother Rin in check. The issue also comes packaged with a poster drawn by Kato herself, so it’s a devilishly good deal.

Bowling Lanevangelion – Japan’s Round 1 bowling centers have either jumped the shark big time with their newest promotion or they’re the greatest humans of all time. Sure, most bowling alleys provide smelly shoes for their patrons, but all 111 Round 1 locations are taking it one step further and are offering Evangelion-themed “bowling pin” kigirumi to happy bowlers across the country. Because throwing a ten pound ball into the gutter wasn’t embarassing enough, now you can do it dressed like your target!