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Fri, 10 Feb ’12

Best. Idea. Ever? Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men

They rate your stuff. You rate their reality.

If your perceptions of comic-book store owners were purely filtered through TV up until now, you might have the idea, that all of them are overweight, bearded, sarcastic jerks who exist only to put you down for how few members of the Green Lantern corps you can name. Then there’s Kevin Smith, who’s overweight, bearded…and fun to be around! See, already your prejudices should be melting away. And we expect even more of them to be shed when AMC’s Comic Book Men premieres this Sunday.

Both a reality show about Smith’s Secret Stash store in New Jersey and a kind of Antiques Roadshow for the Comic-Con crowd, the hourlong unscripted drama features Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson, known to fans of the big-screen View Askweniverse as “Walt and Steve-Dave.” Walt now manages the store, while Bryan (who directed the Smith-produced Vulgar, and whose beard almost puts Alan Moore’s to shame) doesn’t actually work there, but, like many of Smith’s fictional characters, just hangs out anyway. Technical expert Ming Chen once ran a Clerks fansite and now works for the big guy officially, while Mike Zapcic is a walking encyclopedia of every back issue ever printed.

But it’s not all fun and comics; you’ll actually learn stuff too. Like maybe how much that figure of the Six Million Dollar Man‘s boss seen in The 40 Year-Old Virgin is actually worth. Or how those oft-overheard debates about Wolverine versus Hulk actually resolve themselves…

Comic Book Men premieres Sunday at 10/9 central on AMC.