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Tue, 17 Sep ’13

Beta’d: New Zero Charisma Trailer is a Critical Hit

Plus, Assassins get Creedy and things get Superhot.

Dungeon Remastered – The release of Nerdist Industries and Tribeca Films’ Zero Charisma is mere weeks away (October 8th digitally, October 11th in cinemas) and we’ve got a brand new trailer for you to visually imbibe. In the film, a Dungeons & Dragons game master becomes overwhelmed by his hatred of the hip new member of the group. Let that be a lesson to all gamers: never upset the one with the word “master” in their title. And did you miss the new poster? You can peep that as well if your Perception score is high enough.

Timbers Get Shivered – The Assassin’s Creed games have taken players all over the world and all throughout history in its continuing story of the brotherhood of hooded murderers traveling hither and yon. The next installment, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, is taking to the high seas during the Golden Age of Piracy, and that doesn’t mean Napster. We have a full preview of this Jolly Rogerrific game from PAX over on Nerdist.com. Avast ye!

All the Bullet Time – Ever found the hardest part of first-person shooters to be that the bad guys keep shooting at you while you’re trying to aim? Well, that’s not a problem anymore, thanks to Superhot, a game where time moves only when you do. Be careful running from place to place and make sure you’re precise because it’s one-shot-and-dead. Click here to see a trailer for this exciting and vaguely dystopian new game and to try a demo for yourself.