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Fri, 25 Nov ’11

Black Friday: The Best of the GeekChicDaily Shopping Guides

LA, NY or Japan, we’ve got your gifts covered

It’s Black Friday, which means you’re either out shopping right now and reading this on your smartphone, or sitting in your lair like some Bond villain waiting to reap the spoils after everyone else has battled and worn down each other. Either way, we have you covered. GeekChicNYC, GeekChicLA, and TOKYOPOP powered by GeekChicDaily have been making suggestions and giving away swag all week. Here are a few highlights:

Avenger Assembly Required – Whether you work out every day like Chris Evans, or keep it skinny like the CGI’ed Steve Rogers, you can still make believe you’re Captain America with the starred-and-striped shield. And if you can pronounce it well enough to ask for it at your local store, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir may deem you worthy to wield it. Get them at hasbrotoyshop.com or enter to win.

Festive Foldables
– Why look for the Hallmark when you can get cooler cards that really make a mark? It’s not a winter wonderland in our world without The Birds and The Beasts’ fire-breathing snowmen and cynical Yetis. We’re also fond of these super cute Hero Prints. From Mario to Batman to Admiral Ackbar, this is no trap – but it might lure your loved ones into fanhood.

Dispenser Droid – When that overweight blob of grease on your plate seems tasteless, don’t go mindlessly philosophizing: just pour on some soy sauce from this R2-D2 container. Add lightsaber chopsticks and you’ve got a meal deal no Hutt would dare steal. Goes perfectly with Chubas, or so we imagine.

Music to Pointy Ears
– Never mind the carols – why not make your own holiday music with a genuine Ocarina of Time? We’ll take the Song of Time over “Jingle Bells” any day. Just stay away from all chickens. Even the ones on the dinner table can still be dangerous.

Enter to win the entirety of the shopping guides from GeekChicNYC and GeekChicLA. Then go to our Facebook and the GCNYC and GCLA Twitter pages for more chances to win. And stay tuned on Cyber-Monday…you might find it to be a very big deal.