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Fri, 4 Oct ’13

Blood & Guts with Scott Ian Returns!

Plus, Leatherface speaks, Gravity skyrockets and a Forever Fest

Gore Galore – Everybody’s favorite special effects makeup show hosted by a heavy metal icon, Blood & Guts with Scott Ian, is back for another viscera-strewn season of gore, goo and gunk. First up this season, Scott gets all fishy with Academy Award-winner for Star Trek, Joel Harlow. Read More

Leatherface Linguistics – Gunnar Hansen is ready to talk about changing the face of horror, quite literally, with his performance as Leatherface in 1974’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 40 years later, Gunnar is telling his story in a new book, Chain Saw Confidential, and in an interview with us. Read More

Star Tumbler – You’ve seen the posters, you’ve marveled at the trailers, and now Alfonso Cuaron’s astronaut thriller, Gravity, is hitting theaters in a shower of space debris. The film, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is a revelation of technology and tension and we’ve got a full review of it on Nerdist.com. Read More

Forever Not Alone – From some of the same fine folks that make Fantastic Fest so damn amazing comes a new festival for people who want to celebrate the romantic comedies we all know and love, Forever Fest. Isn’t it time Rex Manning Day was celebrated properly? Read More

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