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Mon, 9 Jan ’12

City Unmasked: Rejected New Yorker Cartoons

Plus, table top-portunities and a nonfiction benediction.

COMICSWork’s Out! – Play an RPG this weekend where your character has the constitution to participate in RECESS, two full days of gaming, with no experience points necessary. Attributes will include meeting new people and attending the free Friday night pre-party. ($20 per day, 11AM-10:30PM)

COMICSInopportune Cartoons – Famed New Yorker cartoonists (like Matthew Diffee and Mort Gerberg) will draw us in to The Strand at 7 tonight to celebrate The Best of the Rejection Collection and all the black and white one-panels that have been too twisted, sophomoric or lewd to pass the mag’s standards and practices. (Free with book or gift card purchase)

COMICSIllustrious Illustrations – In Bogota, Colombia, Leo Espinosa’s hometown, they probably call his quirky and whimsical illustrations “extravagante y caprichoso.” His art has graced Wired, Swatch watches and an animated series about crime fighting sushi. ¡Vámonos! to the Society of Illustrators at 6:30 tonight to hear him lay down colorful anecdotes about his career. ($10)

COMICSProject Nominees –  Along with Brett Ratner’s shame, we aren’t attending the 84th Academy Awards. Wednesday’s Cinema Eye Honors 2012 extols the best in nonfiction film, and anyone with $75 can attend without having to set foot on Hollywood Boulevard. We just wish the chimpanzee Nim were still around to accept a trophy in person. (Museum of the Moving Image, 8PM)