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Mon, 3 Oct ’11

City Unmasked: Clever The Twain Pal Meet

Plus: Graphic Mags and Gags

COMICSChuckleberry Fun – Mark Twain was arguably the world’s funniest writer in 1884 (no offense to Sir Arthur Conan “O’Brien” Doyle). It’s tom to sew your white lounge suit costume and grow a bushy stache. The Twain in the Membrane Party is bringing comedy, live cartoons and skits celebrating Mark’s Twaininess to Littlefield. (October 4th, 7:30PM, $5)

COMICSManga Man Gabs – Japanese Scholar Dev Avidon akirately describes the history of anime and manga, from the birth of the graphic novel (18th century Japanese pictorial narratives like the Kibyoshi) to the Grave of Fireflies (Observatory, October 6th, 8PM, $5)

COMICSLet’s Get Physics-cal – What is Richard Feynman’s most notable legacy? Pioneering nanotechnology? A Nobel Prize in Physics for quantum electrodynamics? Assisting in the A-Bomb construction? No. It’s definitely having his very own graphic novel biography adapted into original music. Let’s just say there will be a lot to wrap your head around at The Bushwick Book Club this Friday.(Goodbye Blue Monday, 8PM, free)

COMICSNerdity Absurdity – We’ll just list some of the things going down at Sexy Nerds & Dirty Words at UNDER St. Marks on Sunday at 7PM. Filthy fanboy farce. Comic book cover conspiracies. Video game burlesque that’s racier than Gran Turismo. Geek Bingo. It’s the best five bucks you’ll spend since that time you beat the Ninja Turtles arcade game on half a roll of quarters (true story).