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Tue, 6 Aug ’13

CM Punk Fights with Words

Grammar Slam is better THAN most things.

It doesn’t take much to write and speak properly. Really, it’s just a little bit of effort and paying attention. Certainly, if you’re going to take the time to write something nasty to a minuscule wrestler with a penchant for wordplay, you better make sure all your verbal ducks are in a row. This is where WWE Superstar CM Punk comes in to deliver a Mongolian Chop to the annoying and misinformed with his new show, Grammar Slam.

In the series, CM Punk reads emails and tweets from rather hostile wrestling fans who don’t think he’s particularly good and unabashedly lambastes their poor grammar and word usage with a mixture of pedantry and yelling. Up for discussion are things like the difference between “literally” and “figuratively” or the importance of knowing if you mean “then” or “than.” Both are real problems in the internet world and someone, preferably someone big and tattooed, needs to sort it all out.

We wish Mr. Punk’s lessons were in English classes across the United States so that maybe crimes of this nature wouldn’t occur. After all, nobody should want to disappoint this guy. For more of CM Punk’s grammatical knowledge, head over to Nerdist.com to watch all five episodes of Grammar Slam and read an exclusive interview with CM Punk. He’s a smart man.