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WIN: The Gifts You Wanna Get

Wed, 23 Nov ’11
The holidays are a month out, but we’re already way into the giving spirit. Make your holiday shopping easy by starting with these… more

From Figures to Filmmaking: Digger T. Mesch Gets Action

Fri, 28 Oct ’11
Digger T. Mesch is best known to us as the creator of Minimates, but at this weekend’s Long Beach Comic Con, he plans to unearth his future… more

Action Digger

Fri, 28 Oct ’11
In the late ’90s and early 2000’s, Digger T. Mesch (his chosen moniker was inherited from his dad, who operated heavy digging equipment)… more

Star Wars Blu-ray Day! WIN Darth Vader ARTFX Statue

Fri, 16 Sep ’11
Darth Vader may be dividing some fans by saying “NOOOOOO” on the new Star Wars Blu-ray set, but we’re thinking everyone can say yes to a… more

Geek Boutique: Golden Apple Comics

Wed, 27 Jul ’11
Did you cut school or quit your job to make the trek to San Diego Comic-Con, or were you safely watching the updates roll in online?… more

Treasure Hunt: SDCC’s Best Toy Exclusives

Mon, 11 Jul ’11
By name, San Diego Comic-Con is about comic books. By rep, it’s a place that makes movie news. By the time you get there, the biggest lines… more

Roll Out: WIN! BotCon Transformers Convention Tickets

Tue, 31 May ’11
Admit it: every time you drive past a big rig, your heart races. You think, “Maybe, just maybe, that semi is going to flip into the air and… more

Jabba’s Jealous: WIN Star Wars Treasure Troves

Wed, 4 May ’11
“May the Fourth be with you” sounds like a Jedi blessing as uttered by Sylvester the cat, en route to an ill-advised lightsaber throwdown… more

Beetle-Juicy Couture

Mon, 24 Jan ’11
Face facts, folks. The Jack and Sally thing is getting old. Yeah, yeah, we like The Nightmare Before Christmas as much as anyone. But we’ve… more

Bootleg Beauty – The Iron Art of Geek Sculpture

Mon, 3 Jan ’11
Sometimes, Hollywood trashes geek masterpieces. Jonah Hex. Heroes Season Two through Season Whenever It Got Cancelled. The Spider-Man… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more