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Half-Shell Haul: Huge Ninja Turtle Auction!

Thu, 18 Nov ’10
Remember that one kid back in school who always seemed to get every toy he wanted? And how you always dreamed that one day you’d make… more

Pimp Daddy Destro!

Wed, 4 Aug ’10
Let’s face it—Baroness notwithstanding—Destro could probably use a little help attracting the ladies. First of all, he is bald. Second—and… more

Accessorize Like a Bond Villian

Thu, 15 Jul ’10
You will never have henchmen like a Bond villain. You will never have a shark tank that you can slowly lower your victims into like a Bond… more

Get Mega!

Wed, 14 Jul ’10
No matter how much this hurts to admit, the chances of you ever constructing a functioning humanoid robot range from laughably slim to… more

Widow Maker

Wed, 2 Jun ’10
Up until this point, it was a little bit creepy to have a doll of Scarlett Johansson. What, you really appreciated her work in The Nanny… more

Star Wars Holograms Come To Life

Wed, 28 Apr ’10
Of all the gadgets to come out of the Star Wars universe— lightsabers, Death Stars, evil cyborg dads—one the coolest has always been the… more

Amalgam-action Figures

Tue, 6 Apr ’10
Show of hands—how many of our fellow action figure fans out there made it down to the D23 Expo (a convention celebrating all things Disney… more

Totally Gnarly Barbies

Fri, 12 Mar ’10
Earlier this month, those fine folks at Mattel finally paid tribute to the original girl that just wants to have fun with a special edition… more

2010 Academy Awards Preview … In Toys!

Fri, 5 Mar ’10
Inglorious Basterds(8 nominations)Press the pause button on Brad Pitt’s headlong nosedive into senior citizenship with this 12-inch… more

Pre-Dented Iron Man

Mon, 1 Mar ’10
Collectible manufacturer Hot Toys makes figures so ridiculously realistic and intricate, that it’s really a shame when you have to blow… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more