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The Empire Strikes Your Bank Account

Wed, 24 Feb ’10
Sure, you may be able to place your slop order at Applebee’s speaking Huttese—and boy, do dates love it when you do that—but elite Star… more

Bond Girl Barbies!

Mon, 25 Jan ’10
For years, Ken’s nickname for Barbie has been “Pussy Galore,” but that suddenly just got a whole lot less offensive. Check out Mattel’s new… more

Don’t Toy with Zod!

Mon, 18 Jan ’10
Let’s hope all your action figures are fully articulated, because they’re about to have to kneel. Before Zod. Obviously. more

Horrible Figurine

Tue, 12 Jan ’10
War. Poverty. The inexplicable financial success of live action Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. Yes, there are many horrible things in this… more

Lord of the Rings

Wed, 23 Dec ’09
Rule No. 1: Don’t call this a jewelry box. It’s not a jewelry box. Girls have jewelry boxes. This is a display case. Although admittedly,… more


Mon, 16 Nov ’09
Strap on your Spock ears and splash on some Red Shirt cologne: The DVD of J.J. Abrams’ masterful Star Trek reboot is out tomorrow! more

Own Tony Stark’s Ticker!

Fri, 16 Oct ’09
Whether you’re laughing at the injured, booing a kid’s Little League team or handing out fruit instead of delicious candy to trick-or-… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more