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Japanese Jesters: 4 of Japan’s Strangest Comedians

Tue, 30 Apr ’13
Dandy Sakano – A former noodle shop owner turned comedy icon, Dandy Sakano proves that the Japanese taste for all things funny is truly a… more

Black Dynamite Wants You to Become a Model Citizen!

Fri, 8 Feb ’13
We all know Black Dynamite is one seriously slick super sleuth, but did you know that this modern day Afro Samurai also speaks Japanese and… more

The Nerdist Channel: Finally, a Network That Gets You

Mon, 5 Mar ’12
No one likes doing shameless plugs; that’s how infomercials and US Weekly are born. Fortunately for us, there’s no shame in telling you… more

What Did I Just Watch?: The Best of Japanese Commercials

Mon, 9 Jan ’12
The New Chuck Norris – First he was a Man in Black, now he’s an alien who’s come to Earth to drink Japan’s BOSS Coffee. more