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NERDSWAG: The Nerdist Podcast: 200 Episodes Can’t Be Wrong

Mon, 30 Apr ’12
By Christopher Fealy. more

International Nerdists: Weird Japan and Quirky Canada

Fri, 6 Apr ’12
Japan is a land of honor, tradition and a ton of stuff that makes you go “WTF?” – you’ve probably already guessed which of those we’ll be… more

Al, in the Family: Yankovic’s Face to Face

Tue, 3 Apr ’12
The Nerdist Channel is about to get weird. No, we mean really weird. As in Weird Al Yankovic, whose new interview show, Face to Face with… more

It’s Nerdist Channel Launch Day!!!

Mon, 2 Apr ’12
Welcome, welcome and WELCOME to the birth of the Nerdist Channel! Today, we place ourselves before you–naked, bloody and screaming… more

Geek this Week: Channel Your Outer Nerdist

Tue, 27 Mar ’12
Our Gang – We’ve turned Chris Hardwick into a zombie, and assaulted him with Weird Al in a puppet costume. But in the latest Nerdist… more

Doing Community Service With Dan Harmon and Company

Mon, 26 Mar ’12
By: Brian WaltonWinter break is over and we’re heading back to Greendale for another Dean-derful semester of Community. Like many, we just… more

Act, Act, Revelation: Jason Trost on Codirecting and Starring in The FP

Tue, 20 Mar ’12
In the new movie The FP, scores are settled by head-to-head matches on the arcade dancing game Beat Beat Revelation. It’s a twisted ’80s… more

Trost, Worthy – The Hero of The FP Speaks

Tue, 20 Mar ’12
By: Brian Walton more

NERDSWAG: The Nerdist Channel’s Silver Star Trek Celebration

Mon, 19 Mar ’12
It’s been quite a dramatic last few days. We revealed the new lineup of shows for The Nerdist Channel at WonderCon. Chris Hardwick was… more

21 and up: Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord Talk Jump Street

Fri, 16 Mar ’12
At 3:45 p.m. today, in the Third Floor Ballroom of the Anaheim Convention Center, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will talk to fans about 21… more