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American Pale: Jim Gaffigan Full Interview

Thu, 1 Dec ’11
We love Jim Gaffigan. As a celebrated everyman comedian, his jokes hit home for anyone that has to live a mundane life here in the U.S. of… more

Notes From the Writer’s Room

Wed, 30 Nov ’11
Aspiring writers, jot this down. On December 11th, the final 2011 episode of the Nerdist Writer’s Panel will take place at NerdMelt Theatre… more

The Apple Sisters in Stereo

Tue, 29 Nov ’11
Period-piece radio theater comedy homage is a pretty brisk business in this town, but none of them has ever been as slyly sexy or as… more

Relive Your Geeky Childhood as Comics Read Horrifying Diary Entries

Wed, 23 Nov ’11
Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful time. Your racist uncle holds court, an aunt inevitably cries a lot and the only topic on anyone’s… more

Epic Eater: Youtube Sensation Harley Morenstein Super-Sizes

Fri, 18 Nov ’11
In 2004, Morgan Spurlock went on a 30-day, all-McDonald’s diet to see how bad fast food really was for his body. In 2011, Harley Morenstein… more

Sensei of Super Sizing

Fri, 18 Nov ’11
This Thanksgiving, as you worry how many extra calories enter your system, there’s one thing you can be sure of: it won’t be anywhere near… more

Make Yourself Better With RecordSetter

Thu, 10 Nov ’11
If you’ve been looking for that perfect brag to pepper into dinner conversations, look no further. RecordSetter founders (and frequent Late… more

Cross the Streams of the First Live Ghostbusters Shadowcast

Wed, 9 Nov ’11
When Walter Peck orders the ecto-containment system deactivated, unleashing streams of ghosts and pinkish psychokinetic energy onto the… more

Variety Says Knope to Cancer

Tue, 8 Nov ’11
Whoever said laughter is the best medicine would be proud of esteemed Hollywood magazine Variety. On November 19, the industry rag will… more

Weird Al Live!

Mon, 7 Nov ’11
If being White and Nerdy has got you down, have no fear; Weird Al is here. Mr. Yankovic is heading Straight Outta Lynwood (most likely by… more