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Girls Just Wanna Geek Out

Tue, 1 Nov ’11
Some girls spent their childhoods wishing upon a star for a prince to whisk them away. Others spent them wishing upon a Death Star for a… more

The Dope Show

Mon, 24 Oct ’11
Donald Glover is what you might call a “busy guy.” Best known for his role as dimwitted Troy on NBC’s Community, Glover rose to fame on… more

City Unmasked: Love the Craft of Lovecraft Burlesque

Mon, 24 Oct ’11
Brooklyn Superhero Surprise – Black chest insignias are so last year. See the latest in superhero style as designers show their crime-… more

WIN! Tickets to Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Live at Gramercy Theatre!

Wed, 12 Oct ’11
Some of the best inventions fuse two existing awesome concepts to create something with double-edged awesomeness. Like that time someone… more

WIN! Meet Joe Dante at a Movie Orgy

Thu, 6 Oct ’11
Joe Dante is daunting. At least in terms of his credit list: Piranha, The Howling, Gremlins (1 & 2) and Innerspace, just to name… more

EXCLUSIVE: Elvira to Retire from Conventions after Comikaze?

Tue, 4 Oct ’11
Halloween will be over by the time the first ever Comikaze Expo hits Los Angeles this November, but something else might be too: we heard a… more

Will Elvira Retire-a?

Tue, 4 Oct ’11
Like Edward Cullen but way more entertaining, Elvira has been an ageless, desirable beauty. Like Stan Lee, she’s someone you just expect to… more

Magic: An Actual Gathering

Mon, 3 Oct ’11
Comedy and magic go together like variety shows and disaster-related advertising materials. That’s why NerdMelt is combining all four as it… more

City Unmasked: Clever The Twain Pal Meet

Mon, 3 Oct ’11
Chuckleberry Fun – Mark Twain was arguably the world’s funniest writer in 1884 (no offense to Sir Arthur Conan “O’Brien” Doyle). It’s tom… more

Saved By The Bell: The Stage Adaptation Years

Tue, 27 Sep ’11
If you’re like us, you’ll always have a Screech-fro shaped place in your heart for the vibrant colors and wacky antics of Saved by the Bell… more