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Wed, 18 Jul ’12

Comic Book Day: A Dark Knight Rises Comic Primer

Excited for TDKR? Study up with these storylines

At midnight Friday, The Dark Knight Rises finally arrives in theaters completing Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. Before we all go crazy for Christian Bale, let us give you a guide on what books you should check out to investigate the world’s greatest detective’s latest adventure.

Batman: Year One – If you want to get to know Selina Kyle a little better before Anne Hathaway takes our collective breath away, grab a copy of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. Year One was one of the many inspirations for Nolan’s approach to Batman Begins, so it stands to reason he’d revisit it for Catwoman’s backstory. Selina Kyle looks out for herself first, but she also manages to protect the people she cares about as she tries to claw out a better standard of living.

Knightfall – The storyline that gave the world the deviously cunning and manipulative powerhouse villain that is Bane ended with Batman’s back being broken. We don’t know if Bale’s Bruce Wayne is going to suffer a similar fate across Bane’s knee, but Nolan’s vision for Bane appears to be closer to the ruthless tactician than Joel Schumacher’s monosyllabic brute in Batman and Robin.

No Man’s Land – From a “cataclysmic” earthquake to Gotham City being cut-off from the mainland when its bridges are destroyed, The Dark Knight Rises seems to be taking a few cues from the epic Bat-crossovers Cataclysm and No Man’s Land. Batman was ill-prepared for what the No Man’s Land had in store for him, so he disappeared for months. When he returned, not only did he have to face off against the criminals ruling the city, but he also had to win back the citizens and comrades that felt betrayed and abandoned.

The Dark Knight ReturnsThe Dark Knight Rises isn’t the first time a Batman project’s acronym has been TDKR. Frank Miller’s dark take on Batman’s future didn’t just change the course of how superhero comics could be written; it laid the ground work for what Gotham could become without Batman. Plus the film iteration of Bane looks to be leading a mob not unlike the mutants from the Miller tale. We just hope to see an homage to the classic mud pit fight. Oh wait, that wasn’t a mud pit, it was an operating table.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters and IMAX Friday at midnight.