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Wed, 19 Dec ’12

Comic Book Day: Chasing Down Joe Madureira

Don’t get mad; get Madureira!

To many of us Joe Madureira is living the dream. He’s made a name for himself in comics with titles like Uncanny X-Men and Battle Chasers and he’s known for putting out quality video games like the Darksiders series. The only thing missing is competitive burrito eating and then he’d be living out a very literal dream we had last night. Recently, though, Madureira left Vigil Games to return to comics. What comic, you ask? We chased Joe Madureira down to get some answers on what he has planned for his return to comics, when we’ll see new Battle Chasers and what Marvel characters are going to appear in his new book.

Nerdist News: So, tell us, what’s going on in the wild world of Joe Madureira these days?

Joe Madureira: Drawing. Lots of drawing. It feels good!

NN: Recently, we saw you do an awesome stint on Avenging Spider-Man. Will you be returning to that book?

JM: Thank you! Avenging was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I’ve moved on to a different Marvel title, and while it isn’t the Avenging Spider-Man, it does feature Spidey (and this time he’s teamed up with Wolverine…and Elektra!) Spidey will always have a special place in my heart and I usually jump at the chance to draw him, so let’s see what else comes down the pipe after this project.

NN: You recently left Vigil Games. What prompted the exit and will your primary focus now be on comic books or still games?

JM: The short version is, I spent over 7 years with Vigil and THQ and I felt like we’d accomplished what we set out to do. Built a game studio from the ground up, completed two killer games and created a successful game franchise with Darksiders. As incredible as that experience was, and as much as I love the games and the studio, looking at the next couple years of my life, from a creative standpoint I just wanted to do something different. There were other projects over the years nagging at my consciousness, and after completing Darksiders II, I felt the time had come to start focusing on them. I wish I could say more!

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