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Wed, 11 Sep ’13

Comic Book Day: Ellen Page Gets Crowned Queen

Plus, busting with Rooker and Nelson follows Protocol.

Juno Shadowcat Chace – We mentioned earlier in the year that Greg Rucka’s comic series Queen & Country was being made into a feature film and we submitted that it could easily become an Oscar contender. The path to us being able to do the “told ya so” dance seems to have started with the announcement of the casting of Oscar nominee Ellen Page in the role of British intelligence agent Tara Chace. Just add her to the list of other awesome chicks Page has played. Ellen Page: Geek Superstar.

Who You Gonna Call? – It seems Ellen Page’s Super co-star Michael Rooker isn’t content either. Just coming off of his successful run as Merle Dixon on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Rooker has decided to dawn the proton pack and become a Ghostbuster. Sort of. At a recent con, a dressed-up Rooker searches the convention floor on the hunt of another such phantom fighter: Ernie Hudson. The result is way better than that scene in Ghostbusters 2. Subscribe to the Nerdist Channel for more great videos.

M.A.N. of Protocol – It’s gone through various name changes and production delays on its road to existence, but Boom! Studios‘ espionage title Protocol is finally coming out in November, and its author, Michael Alan Nelson, who co-wrote the book with actor Peter Facinelli, could not be happier. We chatted with Nelson about this twisty, action-packed title and about the power “Dad” has over his “Orphans.”

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