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Wed, 25 Apr ’12

Comic Book Day: Eric Powell’s a Total "Goon"

Plus exclusive cover art for The Goon #41

This week, in a very special issue of The Goon, everyone’s favorite zombie killin’ lug racebends, genderbends, transforms into a socialist, finds Jesus and generally gets bent out of shape. Or is that exactly what Goon creator Eric Powell wants you to think? Before you try to storm the Dark Horse offices with your pitchforks and scally caps, take a moment to read our interview with the Goon-in-Chief himself and hear what he has to say about the state of the industry, the challenges of going monthly and the status of the long-awaited Goon film. Plus, we have an exclusive preview of cover art for The Goon #41 coming in August.

Nerdist News: Do you feel that the comics industry has become too bogged down by gimmicky events and shock-value reveals like you’re lampooning on the cover?

Eric Powell: Yes. Yes, they have. The industry is lazy. We keep selling a rehash of a rehash because it has a built in audience to exploit. But that audience keeps shrinking because they are getting tired of it. It takes effort to do something new and that’s what we need: new diversified content to appeal to a wider audience.

NN: We’re extremely excited about The Goon going monthly. What sort of challenges does this present to you as a creator?

EP: The biggest challenge is to keep up the quality of content in a limited time frame. Not just the art, but the story as well. But I think I’m up for it. I’m happy, as much as I can be, with the what I’ve produced so far on the new schedule. The book hasn’t come out monthly yet, but I’ve already been working under a monthly routine.

The Goon #39 is available today from Dark Horse nationwide. Be sure to read our full interview with Eric Powell over at Nerdist.com to get the low-down on what changes are really coming The Goon’s way.