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Wed, 29 Feb ’12

Comic Book Day: Getting Closure with Garth Ennis

He’s just one of the Boys.

If you’ve read a comic with hard drinking, heavy cursing and a staggering body count, there’s a good chance Garth Ennis was behind it. His twisted take on the superhero genre, The Boys, may be coming to an end, but the Irish writer has plenty to say about tackling an iconic comic property, Hollywood, and why he hates superheroes so much.

Nerdist News: You seem to have something of a penchant for turning the superhero paradigm on its head, especially with The Boys. What is it about the genre that makes you want to approach it from this angle?

Garth Ennis:
 A total lack of respect.

NN: After a powerhouse run, The Boys is coming to a close. Do you feel a sense of relief, an eagerness to move on to the next project or are you sad to see it go?

In this instance, I’m a little sad because I know I’ll never write Butcher and Hughie again. When I finished Preacher I was happy to walk away, job done, nothing more to be said- and everyone got their happy ending. This time… you’ll have to wait and see

NN: Next up, you’ll be taking on a comics legend, The Shadow. Is it a challenge to tackle such an enduring character? What do you think gives a character like this staying power?

It’s no more of a challenge than anything else, because I never really consider that side of things. He survives because he’s a great-looking, mysterious, slightly sinister – and occasionally lethal – character.

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