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Wed, 14 Aug ’13

Comic Book Day: It’s An Ultimate Apocalypse

Plus, Mark Millar on Kick-Ass 2

Ultimate Annihilation – We caught up with Brian Michael Bendis and Josh Fialkov to discuss the beginning of the end for Marvel’s Ultimate Universe in Hunger and how that sets up dinner time for Galactus in Cataclysm. Check out the full interview to read how Bendis feels about reuniting the four corners of the Ultimate Universe to face off against 616’s purple planet eater.

It’s a Millarworld – Mark Millar filled us in on his latest projects on the eve of the release of Kick-Ass 2. Find out what the fiery Scotsman thinks about creator’s rights and ownership, adapting Kick-Ass 2 for the screen and his book The Secret Service. Also, Millar hypothesizes on what Jim Carrey’s public about-face did for the film’s publicity. 

No Follow Through – Sometimes a creative team hits a run on a book so impressive it is nearly impossible to have to work on the title after them. At least, that’s the case for our “Ten Tough Comics Acts to Follow”. Find out which writers we think set the bar so high on a title that no one could ever really be their equal, causing the books to falter. 

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