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Wed, 18 Jan ’12

Comic Book Day: Let’s Talk Digital Comics

Which means we gotta talk about Comixology

By: Charlene Jimenez

In the dark ages when digital comics first dropped, only older comics were available, good portable devices for reading digital comics were pretty much non-existent, and you had to visit a dozen sites to get what you were looking for. But now that companies like DC, Dark Horse, Image and IDW have moved to simultaneous digital and print release, Comixology is your one-stop digital comics shop. If you’re not up to speed on digital comics, we’re here to rev you up.

Storage Space – You know those long boxes taking up a whole room in your house (or your parents’ house)? You could fit that whole collection on your iPad. 

Location – The great thing about digital comics is that they’re always available. Whether you have a craving to read that new book at 3 a.m., or the nearest comic shop is an hour away… Comixology is always going to be there for you. At the bus stop? Read a comic. At the in-laws? Read a comic. In the dentist’s waiting room? Read a comic. At the… you get the idea. 

Selection – Every book in DC’s New 52 lineup? Check. The newest issue of Invincible or the latest trade? Check. That comic about being in love with plants or dogs that sold out immediately everywhere? Yup. Comixology has a great selection of new books and back issues.

Reliability – And perhaps the best thing about digital comics from Comixology? You’ll never show up on Thursday to find out that they’re sold out of something you wanted. Not gonna happen.